Pros and Cons of Email Marketing


The Current Market

In the current IT recruitment market place one of the biggest challenges for Profectus and probably most other IT recruitment agencies find is sourcing suitable Web and Software development candidates for their client base. Contrary to popular belief most recruitment agency’s marketing efforts actually go into the attraction of ‘top talent’ rather than marketing their services to potential new clients.

So what does this mean to a candidate?

Lots and lots of irrelevant jobs landing in their inbox often well after their job hunt has ceased from every recruitment agency that has ever pulled their CV of one of the job boards. Personally a bit of ‘spam’ has never bothered me but this can be really infuriating for some. I have seen this first hand with my wife being a Security Cleared Project Manager yet being sent daily Security Cleared jobs ranging from working on submarines to laying cable and becoming increasingly incensed…’Do recruitment agencies even read my CV!’

How do we avoid this?

Well to put it simply it’s down the recruitment agency. We have an obligation to ensure the roles we market round are at least vaguely suitable for those candidates’ inboxes we chose to invade. Rather than emailing everyone with one or two buzzwords on a CV we owe it to our profession to tailor our searches as best we can to more accurately catch those who might be suitable… more isn’t always better! At Profectus consultants aren’t encouraged to mailshot every job they have but maybe those that they are not having too much joy on from other candidate sourcing routes or one that might particularly appeal to a passive job seeker.

What can you do as a candidate?

Give the agencies a break… well Profectus at least. If you do get mailed about a role from us it is with the honest intention that we think the role could be of genuine interest to you as we have previously registered your details. If it isn’t no problem just let us know what you are looking for or if you are not looking at all and we will action.


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