Development Team Leader Promotion – Jack Hooper

Jack Hooper joined Profectus Recruitment in 2014 from a competitor. He has since refined his skills under his experienced Director to become a very accomplished recruiter in pretty taxing market conditions. This has seen him promoted to Development Team Leader in Feb 2018.

Throughout the 3.5 years at Profectus he has continually improved his personal billings through providing a top notch service to his forever expanding client base. Jack was set a very aggressive target in June 2017 during which time Profectus has undertaken various changes including moving offices, new phone systems, new job multi-poster and several new staff… all of which Jack has taken in his stride while exceeding more than his annual target in just 4 months and training and developing a new member of his team.

There isn’t any secret as how Jack has done so well other than working really hard and forever looking at his own abilities and where he needs to improve and refine; the increase in fees as a result has been exponential and his deserves all the success he achieves.

Congratulations Jack!

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